Tellur Smart WiFi Robot Window Cleaner, RWC02, 72W, two water tanks, anti fall, white

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Key Features
  • Efficient corner cleaning
  • Multiple protection and safety features: strong 3000pa grip, safety cord, battery backup, sensors for edge-free surfaces and obstacles.
  • Cleaning modes for any situation and automatic return to the starting point
  • 2 water tanks, spraying in 3 directions: left, right, down.
  • Integration into the Smart Tellur ecosystem
Experience the future of window cleaning with Tellur Smart WiFi Robot window cleaner

With its square shape, this innovative device provides better coverage, ensuring no spot is left untouched. Its efficient corner cleaning feature ensures a thorough clean in every nook and cranny. We prioritize your safety with multiple protection features, including a strong 3000pa grip, safety cord, and sensors for edge-free surfaces and obstacles. Choose from various cleaning modes to suit any situation, and watch as it automatically returns to its starting point. With 2 water tanks and spraying in 3 directions, left, right, and down, your windows will sparkle like never before. Seamlessly integrate this window cleaner into the Smart Tellur ecosystem and update your cleaning routine.

Recommended Price (VAT included)

€329,99 EUR
SKU: TLL331541
Barcode: 5949120004862
Technical Specifications

Power consumption:72W
Input voltage:100-240~50/60HZ 1.5A
Output adapter:24V/3A
AC power cord:1.2 meters
DC power cord:2.5 meters
Adhesion to window:Vacuum 3000pa
Power failure battery:Li-ion 500mAh
Battery support time:20-30 minutes
Battery Charging time:1h (charging while working)
Power failure alarm:Light indicator and audio
Safety rope length:4 meters
Obstacle detection:Yes
Frameless surface detection:Yes, 4 sensors in total
Operating noise:62db
Cleaning modes:3 cleaning modes: Automatic (N/Z), Z path, N path
Water tank:2 water tanks (total 100ml)
Water spray:3 sides, left, right, down
Self stop:Yes, automatic return to starting point
Cleaning speed:6.2 ± 0.5meters/min
Remote control:Yes
Maximum cleaning area:Aprox 29 m2
APP Name:Tellur Smart
Compatibility:Devices with Android 4.2 / iOS 8 or more recently
Wireless frequency:2.4GHz
WiFi standard:IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Encryption type:WEP/TKIP/AES
Working temperature:0 - 40° C
Working Humidity:65% RH
Package includes:1 x Smart WiFi Robot Window Cleaner
Product dimensions:245 x 245 x 104mm
Product weight:1500g


Интелигентен блясък


Did you clean your windows?
Do you clean the windows yourself?
Are the windows really clean after cleaning?

Automatically Spray Water toward Three Directions

Built-in 100mL water tank, automatic water spray.
Dissolve dry stains in advance.

Three Cleaning Mode

N/ Z/ N+Z cleaning mode, suitable for different scenarios.

Multi-tier All-round Safety Protection

Large suction power, High-precision optocoupler sensors, Power failure protection, Extension cord, Professional safety rope & buckle, etc.

Multiple Usage

Frameless glass, double-glazed glass, seamless tiles, smooth surfaces.

Intelligent Steady-climbing System

Intelligent Steady-climbing System.

Smoothly wet mopping without slipping

Professional Custom Cleaning Pad

Great water absorption and strong dust-removal.

Anti-collision and leak-free cleaning

High-precision opto-coupling sensor intelligently detects window frame.
Improved obstacle avoidance. After encountering the obstacle, the robot adjusts the angle to avoid the obstacle and reduce collisions.

Suction Cup Biomimetic Adsorption System 2.0

3000Pa vacuum suction power

Adheres firmly to the glass, safer for cleaning windows on upper floors.

6KG - Vertical load-bearing

  1. Double Nozzle Design Spray Water to Three Directions
  2. Built-in Large Capacity of Water Tanks
  3. Glass Frame Detection
  4. Dedicated timing belts (Upgraded materials, anti-slip, dust-proof)
  5. External driving wheels (Avoid getting wet, walk more smoothly)


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