FreshDot Car Phone Holder Magnetic

The freshness holder
Phone holder. Car air freshener. Elegant design.
Key Features
  • Double functionality - smartphone magnetic holder and car air freshener
  • Elegant design made of anodized aluminium
  • Secure air vent mounting and strong magnet for greater stability
  • Refreshing scent eliminates any unpleasant odours from your car
NEW & IMPROVED! It's fresh

It's a dot. It's FreshDot! An elegant addition for your car, FreshDot combines two useful functions in one classy accessory: magnetic holder for your smartphone and air freshener for your car. Designed from anodized aluminium, FreshDot will keep its glossy color intact for a long time. FreshDot has a powerful magnet that will hold your smartphone securely even on bumpy roads and is easily mounted in your car's air vent. Its delightful and refreshing scent will eliminate all unpleasant odours from your car, leaving the air fresher. The freshness holder comes with one fragrance that can be replaced anytime you want, with refills being sold separately.

Recommended Price (VAT included)

€19,99 EUR
SKU: TLL171171
Barcode: 5949120003254
Color: Black
Technical Specifications

Material:Anodized Aluminum + silicone
Available colors:Grey, Red, Blue
Compatibility:Car Air Vent
Product dimensions:4cm x 4cm x 4.5cm
Product weight:50gr
Package includes:FreshDot Magnetic holder


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