Freshness refill

Car Fragrance spare chips

Car Fragrance spare chips

The freshness refill is the ideal solution when your car air freshner has lost its fragrance.
The freshness refill is a spare compatible with all Tellur's car air fresheners, coming in three energizing aromas: Anti tobacco, Ocean, Bubble gum, New car.
Its delightful and refreshing scent will eliminate all unpleasant odours from your car, leaving the air fresher for a long period of time.

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Energizing aromas

Universal refill, compatible with all Tellur's car air fresheners

Persistent smell

Eliminates unpleasant odours from your car

Tech Specs

Available flavors

Bubble Gum, Ocean, New Car, Anti Tobbaco


FreshDot Car magnetic holder, Air vent freshener CF1

Package includes

1 x Car fragrance spare chip

Product dimensions

3.3cm x 3.3cm x 0.8cm

Product weight