Full display protection

TPU Full coverage Full Glue

TPU Full coverage Full Glue

Keep your smartphone's display safe from cracks and scratches with this full cover TPU screen protector.
The protective film won't hinder your smartphone's touch reactiveness and will keep oily fingerprints away thanks to its oleophobic coating. 9H hardness and full glued surface assure a long-lasting protection.

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9H hardness scratch-resistant screen protector can effectively protect your smartphone from unwanted scuffs and scratches

Full glued surface for a durable protection

Extreme clarity preserves original screen brightness

Oleophobic coating helps resist oils and fingerprints

Tech specs


9H Anti Sctracth


Full Cover



Package includes

1 x TPU Full Glue
1 x Dust removal sticker
1 x Wet cleaner
1 x Microfiber cloth
1 x Applicator

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