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Your new travel mate

Travel Kit

Travel Kit

Everything you need while traveling to power up your devices, in the house or in the car. The all-round solution to charge your mobile devices with Micro-USB or Lightning port. Features a compact design with a 2 in 1 cable and the adaptive charging technology intelligently detects your connected devices to maximise charging speed.

Recommended Price: 27,99€
VAT included

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The complete charging solution for your journeys

Includes a 2 in 1 cable (Micro-USB & Lightning), a car charger and a wall charger

Adaptive charging technology intelligently detects connected devices to maximise charging speed

Multiple fail-safe protections ensure complete safety for you and your device

Tech specs

Charger colour


Charger input

Car charger: DC 12 - 24V Network charger: AC100 - 240V; 50/60HZ

Charger output

Car/Network charger Port 1: 5.0V - 1A Port 2: 5.0V - 2.1A

Data cable colour


Data cable length


Compatible with

Tablets, smartphones

Package includes

1 x Car Charger Dual USB C206 - 2.4A, 1 x 2 in 1 Micro-USB cable with Lightning adapter, 1 x Wall Charger Dual USB U201 - 2.1A