Phone Suction Cup Magnetic Holder

Your copilot
Universal. Eye level mounted. Essential in your car.
Key Features
  • The universal magnetic holder produces an intensive magnetic force that can hold most smartphones
  • The strength suction cup gel pad is compatible with almost any flat surface and provides quick, precise installation
  • The smartphone can be positioned in the wanted way for a perfect viewing angle
  • Provides two metal plates to attach to the phone for the magnetic fixing
Long trips by car can be very boring, especially for the ones in the back

Time to enhance the entertainment factor. Easily mounted within seconds, this universal tablet holder can serve multiple needs on the road. Watching films or playing games in the back, or holding your navigation mounted with an included superstrong windscreen mount to enhance your overall visibility.

Recommended Price (VAT included)

€19,99 EUR
SKU: TLL171041
Barcode: 8355871710414
Technical Specifications

Compatible with:Smartphones
Package includes:1 x Magnetic Mount for window/dashboard, 2 x Metal plates: 1 x rectangle + 1 x circle


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