Enhanced Functionality with Iconic Design

At Tellur we have been pushing the boundaries for innovative, superior mobile phone accessories and lifestyle gadgets since 2015.

To us, innovation means combining enhanced functionality with iconic design and durability. Most importantly, we don’t believe in the concept of standardization but believe in individualism instead.
Tellur is about you and about our close collaboration with partners around the globe. We don’t dictate trends — we create trends.

While your mobile device might be just one out of millions, we know you are not. The devices you use in your day-to-day life are your personal lifestyle statement. Make it subtle or bold — you pick! Life is colorful — challenge limitations and choose all you love! Enjoy the endless variety of colors, designs, high quality materials and features that Tellur has to offer. It’s about emphasizing your personal lifestyle.

How come we can vote for creativity and freedom of choice? Tellur is a brand by ABN Systems International, one of the largest distributors of telecom and entertainment accessories and call center products in Romania. A dedicated and truly international team of visionaries and experts in the field of communication that has been pushing limits for over two decades.

This is us. We are eager to learn more about you! Are you a game changer?