Silicone USB to Type-C cable, 3A, 1m

Smooth connection
Soft. Flexible. Colourful.
Key Features
  • Soft to the touch due to the silica gel finish
  • Tangle-free even when stuffed into a bag or wrapped around a power bank
  • Super resistant - 10,000-bend lifespan
  • Combines the function of data transfer and fast charging
Choose a cable that is reliable and durable, but also very cool

The Silicone Lighting Cable is beautifully colored and, thanks to the silica gel finish, it is soft to the touch and very flexible. Moreover, it is tangle-free, so you can be worry-free. Bend it, twist it or throw it in your bag and backpack or wrap it around the power bank - the cable is built to last. Its 10,000-bend lifespan makes sure the cable will handle perfectly the difficulties of charging on the go. The Silicone Type-C Cable combines the function of data transfer and fast charging.

Recommended Price (VAT included)

€10,99 EUR
SKU: TLL155401
Barcode: 5949120003490
Color: Green
Technical Specifications

Connectors type:Type-C, USB-A
Supports fast charge:Yes, 5V/3A Max
Data transfer speed:480Mbps
Features:Soft to the touch, tangle-free, 10000-bend lifespan, stain-resistant, easy to clean
Compatibility:Sync and fast charge Type-C compatible devices
Product weight:25g

Silicone USB to Type-C cable, 1m

Soft Flexible Colorful

4 colors available

Stretch resistant

Tangle-free Super resistant - 10,000-bend lifespan

Perfect interface design

Data transfer Fast Charging Separate transmission non-interference

Bold copper core

for a stable charging Soft to the touch and very flexible Stain-proof Long lasting color


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