B1 Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter

Music on the road
Mobility. Dual charging. Hands free.
Principales caractéristiques
  • Full connectivity: Bluetooth 2.1, microSD Card, USB ports
  • Hands free function
  • Two USB outputs for charging phones, tablets and other mobile devices
Stop your searches because you can have full connectivity, music and energy as long as your road goes with FMT-B1 Bluetooth FM Transmitter

This device can plug into your lighter socket and connect to your smartphone via a cord or Bluetooth, so you can transmit the signal from your portable device to FM radio. Also, music can be played from microSD card. The FMT-B1 FM Transmitter goes the extra mile with its included 5V-3.4A charging ports and even a built-in microphone, so you can take the incoming calls without distracting you from the road. It blends right into the background and can be angled up to 180 degrees in either direction for finding the best visibility while driving.

Recommended Price (VAT included)

€22,99 EUR
SKU : TLL622001
Code-barres: 5949087928447
Spécifications techniques

Bluetooth version:2.1
Frequency:2.4GHz, Class 2
Frequency stability:±10ppm
Max output:10mW
Display:Yes (display the frequency, volume and voltage)
FM frequency:87.5-108Mhz
Music format:MP3 / WMA
Ports:2 x USB (3.4A), microSD card
USB1:For charging external devices (5V/2.4A)
USB2:Playing the music from U-disk (5V/1A)
Power supply:12-24V
Features:Supports folder switch and managment
Product weight:36.8g
Package include:1 x Car FM Transmitter FMT-B1, 1 x Manual


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