Phone CD Slot Magnetic Car Holder

Holding tight
Secure. Strong. Magnetic.
Key Features
  • Adjustable for a comfortable view.
  • Convenient hands-free using.
  • Strong magnetic force for a secure mount.
  • Easy installation, precise smartphone fixing.
Upgrade your daily car trip with a magnetic holder that keeps your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road

Easily installed within seconds, this magnetic holder stays put on your car's CD slot and offers you a risk-free view over your smartphone's display.

Recommended Price (VAT included)

€6,99 EUR
SKU: TLL171062
Codice a barre: 5949087929888
Specifiche tecniche

Available colors:Black
Package includes:1 x Magnetic CD slot car mount
1 x Rectangular metal plate
1 x Round metal plate
Product weight:50 gr.


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