Tellur Green Wireless Keyboard and mouse kit, 2.4GHz, nano receiver, cream

The force of nature in a digital kit
Digital control kit. Plug&play installation. Intuitive use.
Key Features
  • Made of ECO materials: 35% wheat straw fiber and 65% ABS
  • Wireless mouse with adjustable DPI resolution
  • Plug & play installation makes both devices instantly functional
  • Convenient use with 10 meters operation range
Add some natural aesthetics to your workspace with the Tellur Green Wireless Keyboard and Mouse kit

Made of ECO materials: 35% wheat fiber and 65% ABS, this digital control kit needs no special software to entertain you - just plug & play. Both devices works within a 10 meters range, making them more comfortable to use. The mouse has an adjustable DPI resolution with three options to choose from, 800/1200/1600, so you can adapt its performance to your activity. This eco-friendly keyboard and mouse set is powered by AAA / AA batteries and comes with a USB nano receiver.

Recommended Price (VAT included)

€39,99 EUR
SKU: TLL491171
Barcode: 5949120004596
Technical Specifications

Keyboard layout:US, 104 keys
Keyboard size:448 x 163 x 25mm
Keyboard weight:440g
Mouse Functions:Left/Right Click, Scroll wheel, Backwards/Forwards side buttons. DPI adjustment button, power button
Mouse resolution:1000/1200/1600 DPI adjustable
Mouse size:105 x 65 x 34mm
Mouse weight:125g
Connection:Wireless 2.4GHz, Nano Receiver USB
Operating range:Max 10 meters
Installation:Plug & Play
Material:35% wheatstraw + 65% ABS
Package includes:Wireless keyboard


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