Enhance your home with Tellur's smart home devices – automation for a modern lifestyle

Step Into your Future with Smart Home

Discover how the integration of smart technology can transform your everyday living into an experience of comfort, security, and efficiency.

Our Smart Home range is designed to work in synergy, providing a seamless and intuitive experience. Customize scenarios that fit your lifestyle and control your home with ease.

Explore the possibilities and start your journey to a smarter home today


Keep a watchful eye on your home with smart surveillance. Whether you're home or away, stay connected with live feeds, motion alerts, and more.


Ensure the well-being of your home and family with our safety devices. From smart smoke detectors to leak sensors, enjoy a secure and worry-free environment.


Experience the convenience of smart electricity management. Automate your appliances, track energy usage, and save on bills with intelligent controls.


Illuminate your home smartly. Create the perfect ambiance for any occasion and manage lighting remotely for both convenience and energy savings.

Climate & Comfort

Tailor your home's temperature to your preference. Our climate control solutions offer comfort and efficiency, adapting to your routine and the seasons.