Play. Multi-display.

Phone Laptop Screen Magnetic Holder

Phone Laptop Screen Magnetic Holder

Free up your desktop space and keep your attention or your recreation on multi-display.
Tellur's magnetic phone holder for laptop screens gives you the coolest multi-monitor setup. Fix your phone on the edge of your laptop and expand your work-space or your fun-space.
For those moments when you need a pause from your work, just easy mount your holder and the magnetic grip will ensure a secure hold for your device. Enjoy eye-level FaceTime, videos, movies, chat or whatever you desire, the device is optimized for every purpose.

Recommended Price: 9,49€
VAT included

Ean Code: 5949087929819

Product code: TLL171091


Strong, magnetic grip ensures your devices are held securely.

Compact and lightweight design.

Multiple displays - Multitasking like a pro.

Magnetic holder - easy to mount on and off.

Tech specs



Available colors



Laptop screen with thickness 4-10mm

Package includes

Front cover
Rear cover
Magnetic holder
Metallic plate
2 x screws

Product dimensions

40mm x 110mm x 10mm

Product weight

40 gr

Package weight

120 gr