Service And Warranty

S.C. ABN SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL SRL, Bucuresti, Marinarilor street, no. 29, sector 1, Phone :021-233.09.95; 021-233.09.96; 021-233.09.97. Fax: 0212330999
1. Warranty period is 24 months from the purchase date , the average duration of use for 2 years. The guarantee is provided by the service unit of SC ABN SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL SRL din Bucuresti, Phone : 021-233.09.95 / 021-233.09.96 / 021-233.09.97 / Fax : 021-233.09.99.
2. Consumer rights are in accordance with the provisions of Law 449/2003 on the sale of goods and associated guarantees , republished , as subsequently amended and GO 21/1992 on consumer protection, republished as amended, applicable at the time purchase. Consumer's statutory rights are not affected by the guarantee offered.
3. Without prejudice to its legal obligations , the seller guarantees that in case of lack of product conformity with the contract of sale , the consumer will make the product in accordance with the contract of sale purchase through repair , maintenance or replacement . Any repair, replacement or maintenance of the product due to the lack of conformity of the contract of sale and purchase shall be made within a period rezonable time , documented between consumers and sellers through this guarantee which shall not exceed a period of 15 days after the buyer made known to the seller of lack of conformity of that product and that product is presented and effectively taught.
4. The delivered product is composed of electronic and mechanical parts that require strict conditions respecarea handling , transport , storage , activation , connection, operation, maintenance and repair provided in the user manual
5. At the request of the guarantee products sold by us is required to present the product accompanied by :
- Documentary evidence proving the consumer quality of the owner ( invoice, tax receipt , etc. )
- This warranty card with all the columns completed
- Original packaging and all accessories that came with the product
Lack of one of those required in paragraph 5 may invalidate our obligation to provide guarantee.
6. If the warranty unreasonable request we reserve the right to require the beneficiary equivalent travel and labor investigation claimed to be defective product
7. The warranty is valid only in Romania unless there are specific contractual clauses
8. The consumer is obliged to follow instructions provided in the documentation that accompanies the product.

The guarantee is lost to any conditions below :
1. The products have labels and seals intact
2. Failure by the consumer of the conditions of transport , handling , storage operating, installation, use and maintenance provided in the accompanying documentation or in conditions that contravene technical standards in Romania
3. Damage to products caused by: shock, vibration , dust, smoke , chemicals or toxic substances, fires , accidents of any kind, weather , inadequate operation, high humidity conditions , use in areas with sudden changes in temperature , negligence in use or any other factors, independent of the manufacturer;
4. If the product shows signs of contact with liquid
5. Failure to supply parameters specified in the instructions (voltage , grounding , temperature , environment , etc.)
6. Using batteries , power supplies or accessories other than those approved by the manufacturer;
7. Modifying or tampering with the product of unauthorized persons ABN Systems International;
8. Connecting with equipment that does not comply with European standards compulsory or whose interfaces are not compatible with the connection of the equipment sold; 9. Failure to perform maintenance operations recommended by the manufacturer; 10. Using the equipment for any purpose or conditions specified in documentation than that accompany them; 11. Changing the original condition of the product through interventions software / hardware (other than those made / recommended by the manufacturer or authorized service centers ) 12. Using the equipment worn out or continue operating beyond permissible limits.