WiFi termostats

Home comfort
Fully customizable. Remote control. Voice control.
Key Features
  • Remote control via Tellur Smart app
  • Voice control via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Fully customizable, supports automation and smart scenarios
  • Child-lock, schedule, smart functions
Izveidojiet perfektu atmosfēru savā mājā vai birojā, izmantojot WiFi termostatu

Tā kā 3,7 collu apgaismots LCD displejs ar skaidrām ikonām, termostats ir ļoti viegli nolasāms, un, pateicoties skārienpogām, temperatūras vai programmas iestatīšana ir... nu, nekāda sviedri. Savienojiet WiFi termostatu pārī ar viedtālruni, izmantojot lietotni Tellur Smart, un jūs iegūsit pilnībā pielāgojamu ierīci, kas atbalsta automatizāciju un viedo scenāriju. Pilnībā kontrolējiet temperatūru savā mājā/birojā jebkurā laikā un no jebkuras vietas — WiFi termostatu var attālināti vadīt, izmantojot viedo lietotni Tellur. Saistiet termostatu ar Amazon Alexa vai Google Assistant un kontrolējiet savu komfortu vokāli. Neuztraucieties, ka jūsu bērni spēlējas ar šo ierīci, jo WiFi termostatam ir bērnu bloķēšanas funkcija.

Recommended Price (VAT included)

€124,99 EUR
SKU: TLL331151
Barcode: 5949120002486
Technical Specifications

Utilization:Central Heating
Brand compatibility:Universal
Receiver:Wired, wall mounted
Receiver connectivity:Wired with boiler, 230VAC 50 / 60Hz
Receiver input load:Maximum 10A
Central unit:Wireless, portable
Display:3.7 illuminated
Display parameters:Current temperature, set temperature, clock, current program
Open window detection:Yes, 2° C drop in 15 minutes
Frost protection:Yes, 5° C default value
Child lock:Yes
Wireless frequency:2.4GHz
WiFi standard:IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Encryption type:WEP/TKIP/AES
Compatibility:Devices with Android 4.1 / iOS 8 or higher
Package includes:1x Receiver

Home comfort

Fully customizable. Remote control. Voice control.

Works with Siri Shortcuts

Create smart scenario with "Tap-To-Run" function in "Tellur Smart" application

Integrate your new function from "Tellur Smart" app by adding to Siri and rename "When I say" function.

Start using your new function giving voice commands to turn on/off the connected device and automatically will execute commands based on your specifications.

Vocal Control

Control your home’s lightning from anywhere via Tellur Smart app – all you need is your smartphone and an active internet connection.

Works with Amazon Alexa (echo, dot and more) and Google Assistant (home, mini and more), allows you to control your light hands free with simple voice commands.

Link the Wi-Fi Smart Bulb Light with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant and control your lights vocally.

The Frost protection function allows the system to maintain the room temperature above a specific value (5°C default value).

Child lock function

The Child lock function automatically blocks the device’s buttons to secure its settings.

4 different -7 days program

The 7-days programs function allows you to set 4 different programs for each day of the week, with different timeframes and temperatures for each program.

Open Window Detection

The Open Window Detection function allows the system to automatically stop the heating process when it detects a sudden drop of room temperature (2°C in 15 minutes default value).


Execute commands automatically, based on specific conditions.

  1. Condition: Snowy weather
  2. Command: Set room temperature to 24°C

Control from anywhere

You can connect to Wi-Fi and control the thermostat by App, warming up to a comfortable pre-set temperature to your house whenever you want, wherever you are!

Receiver Instalation


  1. Desk Mounting
  2. Wall Mounting

Dimensions in mm

Easy to Install and Use

Independent use via the Internet, only with a smartphone.

No hub required. Supports up to 150 registered devices.

Works only with 2.4GHz wireless networks


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