WiFi viedais durvju un logu sensors

A sense of security
Low energy consumption. Tamper notifications.
Key Features
  • Compatible with Tellur Smart app, perfectly integrated in the Smart Home ecosystem.
  • Works with classic AAA batteries with low energy consumption.
  • Tamper notifications - alerts for unauthorized handling.
  • Low battery notification.
Palieliniet savu drošības sajūtu, izmantojot Tellur Wi-Fi viedo durvju un logu sensoru

Darbojoties ar klasiskajām AAA baterijām, sensoram ir zems enerģijas patēriņš un baterijas darbības laiks līdz 6 mēnešiem.
Kad būs izveidots savienojums ar Tellur Smart lietotni, jūs saņemsiet paziņojumus tieši savā viedtālrunī, kad durvis/logs tiks atvērts/aizvērts, baterijas izlādējas un, pats galvenais, ja kāds mēģinās iznīcināt vai atvienot sensoru. .
Vēstures ieraksts palīdz izsekot dienām un stundām, kad durvis/logs tika atvērtas/aizvērtas.
Wi-Fi viedais durvju un logu sensors ir saderīgs tikai ar 2,4 GHz WiFi frekvencēm, un to var aktivizēt ar balsi, izmantojot Google. Sākums un Amazon Alexa.

Recommended Price (VAT included)

€33,99 EUR
SKU: TLL331091
Barcode: 5949120000970
Technical Specifications

Power supply:2 x AAA battery, 3V
Battery life:Up to 6 months
Open/Close notifications:Yes
Tamper notifications:Yes
Low battery notifications:Yes
History record:Yes
WiFi standard:IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Supported WiFi network:2.4GHz
Dimensions:7.5cm x 4cm x 1.8cm
Weight:65 gr
Package includes:1 x WiFi Smart Door & Window Sensor
Package dimensions:7.8cm x 4.2cm x 4cm
Package weight:85 gr


Mount the sensor on your house’s window so you can rest assured that any movement will be notified on your smartphone.


Mount the sensor on your house’s door so you can rest assured that any movement will be notified on your smartphone.


In your office, secure the most important documents by installing the smart sensor on their dedicated drawer.

Anti Theft

Once mounted on your window, the sensor sends notifications when the window is opened, closed and, most importantly, when someone tries to destroy or detach it.

Easy to Install and Use

Independent use via the Internet, only with a smartphone.

No hub required. Supports up to 150 registered devices.

Works only with 2.4GHz wireless networks


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