Basic 2.0 Wooden Speakers USB

Basic 2.0 Wooden Speakers USB

Music helps you focus better when you work or want to increase computer volume when watching your favorite series, then this two-speaker system will fulfill your desire. Easily connect them through the USB port to your laptop or PC, without having to plug in. The sound is clear due to the wood structure and speakers with a total power of 6W, and the simple design makes them fit into any space.

Recommended Price: 22,99€
VAT included

Ean Code: 5949120001663

Product code: TLL491041


Easy to connect via USB port without needing to be plugged in

Wood construction for clearer sound

Simple and compact design, ideal for a small room or office

Tech Specs

Speaker type


Rated power

6W RMS (3W x 2)

Frequency response

100Hz - 18KHz

Drivers size

3" x 2


Signal to Noise ratio (SNR)


Power supply


Remote control

Yes, In-Line

Cable length


Device size

7.5cm x 9.5cm x 15cm (x2)

Device weight

285g (x2)

Package includes

2.0 Wooden Speakers