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Magnetic phone holder for car air vent

Magnetic phone holder for car air vent

A magnetic mount for any smartphone, reduced to the max. The flat and simple design integrates wonderfully in almost any car air vent. Simple to install and use, it allows one-hand usage without any repositioning. Once mounted, you can place your phone in any direction you want and adjust it for a convenient and comfortable viewing.

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Easy to install and use.

Discreet design with rubberized material.

Free to rotate and position your device.

Strong magnetic force for a secure mount.

Tech specs


Silicone, Metal

Available colors

Black, Silver, Blue, Red, Gold



Package includes

1 x Magnetic air vent car mount
1 x Rectangular metal plate
1 x Round metal plate

Product dimensions

3.5mm x 3cm

Product weight

25 gr.

Package weight

45 gr.

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