Safety first

WiFi Gas Sensor

WiFi Gas Sensor

Increase your sense of security with Tellur's WiFi Smart Gas Sensor. Having an unique air flow design, the core sensor is protected from vapors, oil spills or smoke, ensuring its continuous operation. When it detects gas, the sensor alerts you through an acoustic alarm, a light indicator and a push notification is sent to your smartphone. The WiFi Smart Gas Sensor is easily installed and works on DC 12V (AC 220V adapter included). The sensor integrates perfectly in the Smart Home ecosystem and allows you to check its working status and history records by simply accessing the Tellur Smart app from your smartphone. Also from the app you can remotely mute the alarm or make the sensor to perform a self-check just to be sure the device is operating effectively.

Recommended Price: 70,99€
VAT included

Ean Code: 5949120003421

Product code: TLL331291


Detects gas leakage and triggers the alarm

Multiple warnings: light indicator, high-decibel acoustic alarm & push notification

Compatible with Tellur Smart app, perfectly integrated in the Smart Home ecosystem

Remote control: mute & self-test

Easy to install & use

Tech Spec

Power supply

DC 12V (AC 220V adapter included)

Alarm level

70dB @ 1 meter

Push notifications


History record


Self test


Gas type detection

Natural gas (CH4)

Tolerated concentration

±5% LEL (Lower Explosive Limit )

Alarm concentration

8%LEL,tolerance ±3% LEL

Alarm response time

<30 seconds

WiFi standard

IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Supported WiFi network




Housing material


Installation method

Screws or 3M tape

Operating temperature

-10°C - +55°C

Operating humidity

5% - 95% RH

Product dimensions

66 x 66 x 29mm

Product weight

62 gr