WiFi Robot Window Cleaner

Smart shine
Efficient. Remote control. Anti-fall protection.
Key Features
  • High suction power to hold onto the glass tightly
  • Calculates and programs an optimal cleaning path for maximum efficiency
  • Two modes of controlling it – with a remote control or via the Tellur Smart app
  • Water spray to dissolve dirt + high density fiber cloth that leaves no trace
  • Stops automatically after the task is completed
Clean and shiny windows, effortlessly with Tellur's WiFi Robot Window Cleaner

This suction-based cleaner can also be used on a variety of other surfaces, such as mirrors or shower-door glass.
The high vacuum power makes sure the robot will hold onto the glass tightly and the edge detection and pressure sensing functions prevent it from falling. Moreover, the robot cleaner is equipped with a built-in backup battery to prevent power failure and a 4.5 meters long safety rope that ensures double protection and security for your device.
The robot window cleaner offers three cleaning modes that you can select from its remote control or using the Tellur Smart app. Based on the program, the robot calculates and programs an optimal cleaning path for maximum efficiency.
The Robot Window Cleaner uses water spray to dissolve dirt and high density fiber cloths that thoroughly scrub windows, leaving them sparkling clean. After the task is completed, the robot stops automatically.

Recommended Price (VAT included)

€299,99 EUR
SKU: TLL331271
Barcode: 5949120003360
Technical Specifications

Power consumption:80W
Input voltage:AC 100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Output adapter:DC 24V / 3.75A
AC power cord length:1 meter
DC power cord length:4 meters
Safety rope length:4.5 meters
Power failure battery:Li-Ion 500mAh / 14.8V
Battery support time:20 minutes
Adhesion to window:Vacuum
Cleaning types:3 modes
Water spray:Yes
Self stop:Yes
Cleaning speed:~4 minutes / m2
Remote control:Yes
Maximum cleaning area:6 m x 5 m
Dimensions:295 x 148 x 120 mm
WiFi standard:IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Supported WiFi network:2.4GHz


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