Sensor de inundação inteligente WiFi

A sense of security
Acoustic and push notifications. Low energy consumption.
Key Features
  • Compatible with Tellur Smart app, perfectly integrated in the Smart Home ecosystem.
  • Acoustic and push notifications for water detection.
  • Low battery notification.
  • Works with classic AAA batteries with low energy consumption.
Aumente sua sensação de segurança com o sensor de inundação inteligente WiFi da Tellur

O sensor integra-se perfeitamente no ecossistema Smart Home e você pode ver seu status de funcionamento simplesmente acessando o aplicativo Tellur Smart em seu smartphone.
Quando o sensor detecta água, ele alerta através de um alarme acústico e uma notificação push enviada para o seu smartphone. Além disso, você será notificado em seu smartphone quando as baterias estiverem fracas.
O sensor funciona com pilhas AAA clássicas e tem baixo consumo de energia.

O WiFi Smart Flood Sensor é compatível apenas com frequências WiFi de 2,4 GHz.

Recommended Price (VAT included)

€34,99 EUR
SKU: TLL331081
Código de barras: 5949120000963
Technical Specifications

Power supply:2 x AAA battery, 3V
Battery life:Up to 6 months
Flood notifications:Yes
Acoustic alarm:Yes
Low battery notifications:Yes
Probe cable length:1 meter
WiFi standard:IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Supported WiFi network:2.4GHz
Dimensions:7cm x 7cm x 2cm
Weight:75 gr
Package includes:1 x WiFi Smart Flood Sensor
Package dimensions:9cm x 7.1cm x 4.4cm
Package weight:100 gr

Alarm & notifications

While a water leak happens, the device will wake up the Wi-Fi connection to Wi-Fi router, send an alarm signal to your mobile phone via Wi-Fi network, in the case that the APP internet is available locally or remotely. Also, you will receive a notification when the sensor’s batteries are running low.

Protect your home

Place the water sensor alarm under sinks, washing machines, hot water tanks, or anywhere in your home. With a compact design and battery-operated power, you can place this water leak detector anywhere.

Water leaks Facts

Almost anything can cause water damage. According to industry statistics, about one in 50 insured homes has a property damage claim caused by water damage. The causes are innumerable, with many leaks going undetected for long periods.

Low energy consumption

Works with classic AAA batteries, with low energy consumption, with up to 6 months of battery life.

Easy to Install and Use

Independent use via the Internet, only with a smartphone.

No hub required. Supports up to 150 registered devices.

Works only with 2.4GHz wireless networks


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