Water dispenser filter (3 pieces)

Naturally Filtered
Eco friendly.Taste enhancement.Pure water.
Key Features
  • Remove chlorine and heavy metals.
  • Filter hair residue.
  • High density cotton.
  • Coconut shell activated carbon
Designed to filter out hair residue, chlorine, and heavy metals, this innovative filter guarantees clean and pure water every time
The high-density cotton layer adds an extra level of filtration, ensuring that even the smallest particles are captured.
This guarantees a smooth and clean water flow, free from sediment and other impurities.
Crafted with coconut shell activated carbon, a natural and renewable material known for its incredible absorption properties, which effectively removes odors and organic substances, leaving the purest and tastiest water possible.

Recommended Price (VAT included)

€12,49 EUR
SKU: TLL441141
Barcode: 5949120005050
Technical Specifications

CompatibilityTellur Smart Pet Water Dispenser TLL331471
FunctionsCleans and filter the water for Pet Water Dispenser
Outer layerFood grade non-woven fabric
Inner layerFood grade bleach resin and activated carbon
Product dimensions12.1 x 4cm
Product weight4.5gr
Package includes3 x Filter for Water Dispenser
Package dimensions4.5 x 3.5 x 1.3cm
Package weight25gr


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